E4TT Goes to the Movies 2018/19

E4TT's latest release, "The Hungarians: from Rozsa to Justus" (Centaur CRC 3660) has won a Gold Medal in the Global Music Awards .

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Sunday, Sept. 30, 2019, 6:50 p.m.

SF Music Day

Nocturne by Alexandre Tansman and "Die Eichne Tuer" by David Garner performed by Nanette McGuinness (soprano), Anne Lerner-Wright (cello), Laura Reynolds (English horn), Ilana Blumberg (violin), and Xin Zhao (piano).

SF Music Day runs noon-8 p.m. and features numerous Bay Area classical, contemporary, and jazz ensembles on multiple stages.


SF War Memorial Veterans Building, 401 Van Ness, San Francisco

Congratulations to our 56x54 FIRST CALL FOR SCORES composers, whose works will be performed 2016-2019. Read the press release and see/read more about them. Thank you all for sharing your artistry and talent with us!


Nanette McGuinness, soprano
Anne Lerner-Wright, cello
Dale Tsang, piano
David Garner, composer


Alejandro Saiz Emeterio, violin
Dawn Harms, violin
Julie Michael, viola
Ilana Blumberg Thomas, violin
Laura Reynolds, English horn
Karen Rosenak, piano
Xin Zhao, piano


Andrew Harlan, Publicity Coordinator
Stephanie Neumann, Marketing and Development

Performance Videographer

Mister WA Productions

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