Émigrés & Exiles in Hollywood

Music by Émigré Composers Who Fled the Third Reich for Hollywood and Changed Movie Music as We Know It

Release Date: July 12, 2024 | Centaur Records CRC 4111


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Featuring works by eight émigré composers who fled persecution during World War II for Hollywood,
going on to be instrumental in creating today’s world-renowned Hollywood sound and to educate the next generations of American composers

Hanns Eisler (None But the Lonely Heart; Hangmen Also Die)
Bronisław Kaper (Mutiny on the Bounty; Lili)
Erich Wolfgang Korngold (The Adventures of Robinhood; The Sea Hawk)
Miklós Rózsa (Ben Hur; A Double Life; Spellbound)
Arnold Schoenberg (Walk the Rex)
Alexandre Tansman (Paris Underground; Flesh and Fantasy)
Henryk Vars Schindler’s List; Flipper; The Pianist)
Eric Zeisl (Song of Russia; The Postman Always Rings Twice)

Nanette McGuinness, soprano
Abigail Monroe, cello
Margaret Halbig, piano

Production Credits
Produced by David Garner & Nanette McGuinness
Engineered by Emma Markowitz and Cory Todd
Liner notes by Nanette McGuinness
Zeisl & Eisler German texts translated by Barbara Zeisl Schoenberg
Schoenberg German text translated by Nanette McGuinness
Polish texts translated by Agnieszka Ilwicka & Nanette McGuinness
E4TT photo by Michael Halberstadt
Cover image: “Customers at a Philadelphia bar after Prohibition's end,” Dec. 1933

Track List

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