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E4TT is the 2021 WINNER of The American Prize for Chamber Music Performance and was awarded second place for the 2021 Ernst Bacon Memorial Award for the Performance of American Music.

E4TT's fourth release, "The Guernica Project" (Centaur CRC 3946), won a Gold Medal in the 2022 Global Music Awards and is available to stream on Amazon.com or anywhere else you purchase, stream or download your music. It consists of 21st music honoring the 85th anniversary of Picasso's iconic masterpiece inspired by the bombing of the town of Gernika in 1937. Download the booklet here or view it as a flipbook.

E4TT's third release, "Once/Memory/Night: Paul Celan," won a Silver Medal in the 2020 Global Music Awards and is available for streaming or downloading at iTunes, YouTubeMusic, Amazon.com, Deezer, or Spotify, or you can purchase a CD from E4TT. It honors the centennial of Paul Celan (1920-1970) whose work speaks to his experiences under a brutal regime, via premiere recordings by David Garner, Jared Redmond, Libby Larsen, and Stephen Eddins, plus Anthony Milosz reading his father's poem, and is part of the group's Jewish Music & Poetry Project. Download the booklet here or view it as a flipbook.

E4TT's second release, "The Hungarians: From Rózsa to Justus" (Centaur CRC 3660), won a Gold Medal in the 2018 Global Music Awards and is available for streaming or downloading at iTunes, YouTube Music or Amazon.com. It consists of music by four Hungarian composers killed or exiled in the Holocaust, Miklos Rozsa, Sandor Vandor, Lajos Delej, and Gyorgy Justus, and is part of the group's Jewish Music & Poetry Project. Download the booklet here.

E4TT's debut CD, "Surviving: Women's Words" (Centaur CRC 3490), won a Silver Medal in the 2016 Global Music Awards and is available at Amazon,HB Direct, or Arkiv Music or or directly from E4TT. It consists of four song cycles written for E4TT for soprano and piano and soprano, cello, and piano by David Garner to poems by Mascha Kaleko, Rose Auslaender, Else Lasker-Schueler and Yala Korwin and is part of the group's Jewish Music & Poetry Project.

Album of the Week

"Once/Memory/Night: Paul Celan" was chosen July 16, 2020 for C4NM's Album of the Week. "The members of Ensemble For These Times are longstanding, expert champions of forgotten work by those nearly lost to history, as well as bringing up new voices who have meaningful new work to share. Their newest recording is further evidence of this mission." (Curator Kurt Rohde).


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TV, Radio, and Podcast Interviews

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Nanette McGuinness interviewed by David Osenberg on Cadenza at WWFM.org (David Osenberg, Cadenza, WWFM.org)
A War Atrocity Inspires Twice (Jeffrey Freymann, Culture/The State of the Arts, KDFC.org)


Recording Reviews

"The Guernica Project"
"Every work on this CD is well-crafted, sincere, and performed with sensitivity." (Mark Estren, Transcentury Communications)

"Once/Memory/Night: Paul Celan"
"An imaginatively conceived and curated set whose release coincides with the centenary of the poet's birth...." [In Die eichne Tür (The Oaken Door)] "vocal and instrumental passages alternate effectively, with the tension induced by five poetic renderings alleviated slightly by two robust interludes. Enhancing McGuinness, who gives powerful voice to Celan's texts, is distinguished playing by Reynolds, Blumberg, Lerner, and Zhao, with all five honouring Garner's creation with fully committed performances. Complementing it is Nachtlang (Nightlong), the 2017 two-part work by Redmond (b. 1986), that sets Celan's “Notturno” (Night) and “Einmal” (“Once”) to arrangements for soprano, cello, and piano. For twelve minutes, the piece advances from the spectral shadows of its opening movement into a creeping second that curdles as tantalizingly. Setting the stage for the album-closing A Song on the End of the World (2018) by Stephen Eddins (b. 1954), also scored for soprano, cello, and piano, is a reading of Milosz's poem by the late writer's son, Anthony. The shift from the dark atmospherics of the Redmond work to spoken word is so dramatic it's pretty much a non sequitur, but the effect isn't displeasing, especially when Anthony's unaccompanied reading of the text is so gripping. The reinstatement of the chamber presentation for Eddins's portentous setting ends the recording on a satisfying note, its slow fade punctuated by McGuinness's repeated intonation “No other end of the world will there be.” Performances and compositions aside, one of the major reasons why the recording rewards has to do with sequencing. In presenting works that are thematically linked yet also contrasting, Once/Memory/Night: Paul Celan plays like an in-concert presentation with different ensemble groupings taking the stage in turn. That makes for a constantly stimulating and engaging result when the listener is always excitedly anticipating the next part of the programme." (Textura)

"Paul Celan was one of the 20th century’s most profound poets. To listen to this breathtaking recording of his poetry is to be drawn to its haunting beauty as if by gossamer strings. Elliptical, rhythmically spellbinding, each word obdurate and as inward as a geode, Celan’s poems embody a conviction that the truth of what has been broken and torn must be told with a jagged grace. And few – if any – recordings of his work tell their truth better than Once/Memory/Night: Paul Celan by Ensemble for These Times. This recording features almost an hour of poetry echoing with heart-aching emotion delivered in a kind of near-spiritual quietude. A unique atmosphere is created by the disc’s opening track: Libby Larsen’s 4½: A Piano Suite brought to eloquent life by pianist Xin Zhao. Then follows Die eichne Tür, the cycle of Celan poems set to music by David Garner. The Ensemble’s performance is both poised and haunting, and is raised to a rarefied realm by lustrous and soaring, songful recitatives executed by the inimitable Nanette McGuinness, More of the transcendent beauty of Celan’s work unfolds in Jared Redmond’s Nachtlang before we are treated to the extraordinary recitation of another celebrated poet, Czeslaw Milosz’s A Song on the End of the World by Milosz’s son Anthony, followed by the disc’s dénouement: a rapturous performance of Milosz’s poem which unfolds with poise and sensual fluidity from the lips of the magnificent McGuinness." (Raul da Gama at The Whole Note)

"Taken as a whole, this is an ambitious undertaking...One might even conjecture that [pianist] Zhao had acquainted herself with the texts of both Celan and Milosz while preparing her approach to Larsen’s suite. Similarly, the two interludes that Garner composed for Die eichne Tür tend to resonate with the expressive rhetoric of the Celan poems set in the other five movements." (Stephen Smoliar at The Rehearsal Studio)

"Only those with heads buried deep in the nuclear sand may fail to understand why music rooted in the Holocaust speaks so clearly to our present-day realities. On their third recording, Once/Memory/Night: Paul Celan, Bay Area chamber group Ensemble for These Times (E4TT) proves the relevancy of their name by recording three commissions that set the deeply unsettling poetry of Holocaust survivor Paul Celan (1920–1970) and his contemporary, Nobel Prize winner Czeslaw Miłosz (1911–2004). Somewhat deceptively, the recording begins with Libby Larsen’s mostly upbeat, 10-minute 4½: A Piano Suite (2016). Fetchingly performed by E4TT guest pianist Xin Zhao, its five movements are easily accessible, rhythmically engaging, extremely beautiful, refined in places, and ultimately playful. Save for the short fourth movement, In Memoriam, they soften you up for the seven movements of composer and E4TT co-founder David Garner’s Die eichne Tür (The oaken door, 2017) that follow. Performed by soprano and E4TT co-founder Nanette McGuinness, guest English hornist Laura Reynolds, violinist Ilana Blumberg, cellist Anne Lerner, and Xin Zhao, Garner’s Die eichne Tür includes settings of five deeply personal poems by Celan that, in English translation, are anything but an easy ride... [T]he two songs that comprise composer Jared Redmond’s Nachtlang (Nightlong, 2017) are especially effective because words and music are so closely aligned. The chilling essence of the first song, “Notturno” (Nocturne), is rendered all the more effective by McGuinness’s skillful deployment of her low range.
The recording ends with a double gift. Anthony Miłosz, who translated his father’s poem, “A Song at the End of the World” (1944) into English, brings an air of authenticity to the presentation by reciting the words. Then, McGuinness sings Stephen Eddins’s eponymous six-plus-minute setting from 2018, with accompaniment by Lerner and Xin Zhao. This is far more accessible poetry and music, with nothing hidden, and the music is as direct as it is moving." (Jason Victor Serinus at SFCV.org)

"The Hungarians: From Rozsa to Justus"
"Lerner-Wright and Tsang knew how to tap into the rhetorical side of Rósza’s Opus 8 duo, making it clear that there was more to the music than the composer’s skill in reflecting Hungarian idioms." (Stephen Smoliar at The Rehearsal Studio)

"Surviving: Women's Words"
"With the release of this deeply moving and well-conceived project, the San Francisco-based Ensemble for These Times (E4TT) has put forth a superb and relevant spoken word and musical recording...Now more than ever, as the U.S. experiences a déjà vu of hatred and is poised on the brink of societal unravelling, the potent and timeless messages of survival, love, tolerance and forgiveness contained on this brilliant presentation need to resonate throughout the world." (Lesley Mitchell-Clarke at The Whole Note)

"...four passionate meditations on the Holocaust experience delivered through a unique and highly compelling pair of voices, those of both composer and singer." (Stephen Smoliar at Examiner.com)

"fascinating...Garner’s music is difficult but compelling, varied and harmonically interesting… [McGuinness] manages the vocal and musical challenges well." (Erin Heisel at American Record Guide)

"The heartrending words put both darkness and hope in a poetic light. Garner's music brings out the moods and is extremely well done. Recommended." (Grego Applegate Edwards at Classical-Modern Music Review)

"Garner’s settings are effective, particularly in the longest work here, Chanson für Morgen (2012) to words by Mascha Kaléko (1907-1975)... The pieces’ effectiveness lies in the way they speak of the destruction of Judaism and Jewish culture in Eastern Europe while making the loss of history and of a sense of belonging into a wider experience, not one unique to Jews or to a specific time period." (Mark Estren, TransCentury Communications review)

"The San Francisco composer David Garner has set four female Jewish poets, of whom the most gripping is the exotic Berliner Elsa Lasker-Schüler, represented here by her Blue Piano cycle." (Norman Lebrecht at Lebrecht Weekly)

Concert Reviews

"Following the interleaving of Second Viennese School and contemporary programming, the evening concluded with the world premiere of the second piano trio composed by David Garner, a co-founder of E4TT. This was performed by three artists appearing as guests for E4TT, violinist Lylia Guion, Amy Brodo on cello, and pianist Dale Tsang (E4TT emerita). There was just the right blend of commitment and technical capabilities to bring this music to life..." Stephen Smoliar, The Rehearsal Studio, April 6, 2024

"... both my wife and I were struck by how many of those composers had an impressive capacity for wit. Tamara MacLeod even went as far as to title the first movement of her Spent suite “Farcically.” The titles of the following two movements were “Languishingly” and “Desolately;” and, taken has a whole, her “adverbial journey” was a total romp. A bit more explicit, but just as engaging, was the final work, “Forget Your Scarf in My Life” by Madeline Clara Cheng. Indeed, this came across as the final “punch line” after the imaginative (and often witty) rhetorical stances of the three predecessors in the second half of the program, “Fulgurance” (Jessica Mao), the second movement of Ringlorn (Isabelle Tseng), and “grace fall” (Sage Shurman). I must confess that I tend to be cautious about attending programs that might leave me feeling besieged by new content. In this case, however, almost every composer left me with the impression of knowing when enough was enough. Perhaps the future of music is in better hands than my proclivity for skepticism would have me believe!" Stephen Smoliar, The Rehearsal Studio, January 21, 2024

"The compositions ...[in the Film Noir Project] felt appropriate in style, often highlighting the vast range of the cello. There were deep and mysterious rumblings from the low register, performed with appropriately harsh staccato attacks or jazzy pizzicato. This contrasted nicely with harmonics and eerie themes in the upper register, and the melancholy mid-range of a soprano voice, in German dialect evocative of the dark songspiel of Weill or Berg....To close the program, Lerner-Wright and Tsang presented a cello and piano duo titled Waltz Noir, by the young Russian composer Polina Nazaykinskaya. This accompanied Emma Kazaryan’s varying and overlapping film footage...[and] was well chosen as the closing number." (Alex Rosenfeld, SFCV.org, April 9, 2019)

"E4TT’s soprano Nanette McGuinness effectively channeled this nervous energy [in Derek Jenkins' "Fruehlingsglaube" from "Nach Raum und Zeit"], and guest pianist Taylor Chan beautifully shaped the late-Romantic harmonies... Dan Senn’s song “The Never Close”... [and “Paper Money” by Scott Etan Feiner], among several others on the program, were performed with conviction by Chan and guest soprano Chelsea Hollow... In his Missed Connections, Sam Krahn sets texts from Craiglist’s Casual Encounters section (R.I.P.). You can’t make this stuff up, and Krahn’s music, full of tongue-in-cheek references, would be perfect for a cabaret. I’d go to that show." (Rebecca Wishnia, SFCV.org, January 29, 2019)

"Lerner-Wright is definitely an impressive cellist. She was clearly up to the full scope of challenges of all of the works on the program; and she could “play well with others” as effectively as she could present her solo work. She even knew how to maintain audience attention with informative comments while retuning her instrument." (Stephen Smoliar, The Rehearsal Studio, June 30, 2018)

"Soprano Nanette McGuinness (accompanied by Dale Tsang on piano and Laura Gaynon on cello) deftly negotiated Garner’s convolutions.” (Stephen Smoliar, Examiner.com, April 5, 2016)

"The high point of the program was definitely the Mendelssohn. Both Macadam-Somer and Tsang-Hall went at it with all the spirited energy it demands." (Stephen Smoliar, Examiner.com, Sept. 10, 2013)

“All four poems in the set [of Phoenix] have a decidedly dark quality. Garner served this quality well...and McGuinness captured that effectively in her delivery of the texts.” (Stephen Smoliar, Examiner.com, April 23, 2013)

"Tsang-Hall flawlessly delivered the catchy, syncopated rhythms of Labyrinth (1991), the darting little figures and wonderful bursts of high treble light in Traveling Light (1991), and the surfeit of energy in the delicious Dodecahedron (1993, 2012).... Also on the program were Gabriela Lena Frank’s lovely Barcarola latinoamericana (2007), whose repeated notes, redolent of the mandolin, Tsang-Hall captured beautifully. The pungent chromaticism of Laura Schwendinger’s Pedal Point (1996) and engaging forward momentum of Elena Ruehr’s Prelude III (2002) flowed easily through her hands." (Jason Victor Serinus, SFCV.org, April 2, 2013)