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Interview Series


Weekly interviews every Monday with BIPOC & women creative artists on all podcast channels
Hosted by Soprano Nanette McGuinness

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#MeetTheArtist III: 2022

Interviews on the third Monday of each month with California BIPOC women composers
(mouse over image for info/click on image for interview)
Composer & Pianist
Monica Chew
June 20
Composer & Flutist/Pianist
Erika Oba
May 16
Composer & Educator April 18

Composer & Educator
Vivian Fung
March 21
Composer, Conductor & Advocate
Juhi Bansal
February 21
Composer, Flutist, & Scholar
Dawn Norfleet
January 17

#MeetTheArtist II: 2021

Interviews on the third Monday of each month with BIPOC creative artists
(mouse over image for info/click on image for interview)
Composer, Musician, & Artist
Darian Donovan Thomas
December 20
Composer & Musician
Angélica Negrón
Nov. 15
Nicolas Lell Benavides
Oct. 18
Flutist & Educator
Brice Smith
Sept. 20

Composer & Arranger
Marcus Norris
August 16
Composer & Sound Artist
Shannon Sea
July 19
Composer, Pianist, & Climate Activist
Gabriela Lena Frank
June 21
Composer, Violist & Educator
Sakari Dixon Vanderveer
May 17

Composer & Social Justice Advocate
inti figgis-vizueta
April 19
Composer, Performer & Social Justice Artist
Anthony R. Green
March 15
Composer & Educator
Jonathan Bailey Holland
February 15
Composer, Performer
& Media Artist
Pamela Z
January 18

#MeetTheArtist I: Summer 2020

Interviews with three women creative artists
(mouse over image for info/click on image for interview)
Chelsea Hollow
July 24, 2020
Visual Artist
Corinne Whitaker (digital giraffe)
August 10, 2020
Composer & Educator
Elinor Armer
August 25, 2020

Listening Series: 2020

(mouse over image for title/click on image for link to YouTube)
Ensemble for These (Summer) Times
#1: Roots & Recordings
July 14-28
Ensemble for These (Summer) Times
#2: Giving Voice
to the Voiceless
July 28-Aug. 11
Ensemble for These (Summer) Times
#3: Seeing Is Hearing
Aug. 11-25
Ensemble for These (Summer) Times
#4: (Re)Imagine 2020/21
Aug. 25-Sept.8

Photo credits: Ben Tarquin (Oba); Genevieve Caron (Fung); Nic Gerpe (Bansal); Bria Wood (Thomas); Quique Cabanillas (Negrón); Karli Cadel (Benavides); Stay Gold Photos (Norris); Iveta Rysava (Sea); Mariah Tauger (Frank); William Vasta (Vanderveer); Robert Torres (Holland); Ella Joklik (figgis-vizueta) Russ Fischella (Whitaker)